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Square Collapsible Colander Set - Green

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This 2 Piece Set of Square Colanders are a Kitchen's Best Friend

For those small kitchens with the seemingly smaller kitchen sinks and cabinets find the perfect solution to wash and store easily with these colanders at your fingertips.

Their square design helps fit even the smallest side of the sink. You can use them to rinse off your fresh produce or drain the water from your cooked pasta straight from the stovetop.

Made from silicone so it easily collapses down to fit perfectly in the side part of the cupboard, usually reserved for container lids, or they fit neatly on top of you spare utensils in the drawer to hide that somehow tangled mess of said, spare utensils.

You know the one, where the tongs or potato masher are making it impossible to get the other utensils out.

See this 2 Piece Set of Square Colanders to make a lot more possible with their square design to fit most sinks and their ability to fit most rectangular drawers...unless the tong and potato masher have won the drawer battle... let us know if you figure out how that drawer battle is won!



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