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Speedy Salad Chopper - Blue

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MMMM... Salad with all the right ingredients it can make a meal in itself.  

Why would you spend any more time preparing your salad than you have to?

Put all your ingredients in this salad bowl gadget and you will have a perfectly chopped salad in about a minute.  

Place your ingredients in the strainer top to wash them, attach the bottom to contain the ingredients, then chop away.

When you are done your ingredients will be perfectly chopped and mixed, ready for you tastebuds to enjoy!

Multifunction allows you to Rinse, Drain, Chop, and Serve

Consistently Chops All Ingredients to Similar Sizes

Use for Salad with Lettuce, Fruit Salad, or Any Recipe Calling for Lots of Chopped Veggies or Fruits

Quickly Preps any Salad in about a Minute

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