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Reusable Egg Carton - Awesome Orange

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Getting your farm fresh eggs is easy.

Finding ways to store them without saving egg cartons is not so easy.

Ditch storing egg cartons, start storing in a reusable container.

No more asking loved ones to save egg cartons or trying to figure out how to keep your egg carton stash from falling

Each container holds 24 eggs with a divider to help keep them from cracking.

The lid locks tightly so you won't drop it and its durable design makes it long lasting


9.8 in x 7.2 in x 4.3 in

Did you know...

Eggs separate better if they're cold, but you'll get better peaks when you beat you egg whites and they'll mix in better with your wet ingredients when you bake if you get the eggs to room temperature (20-30 min on the counter)

One more fun fact...

Farm fresh eggs are not the best eggs for hardboiling but make the most amazing eggs for baking and scrambled eggs

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