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Hocus Pocus Coffee Cup

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Your morning coffee is going to cast a spell on your day with this hocus pocus coffee mug. Bewitched yourself into taking the whole day to decorate for Halloween. Knowing full well a whole coffee pot is actually what you should be doing. What better way to enjoy your coffee than in a Witch Coffee Cup

For those from the cool club that came here from Mr. Halloween's Wonders be sure to go back and follow @mrhalloweenswonders on Instagram to find Halloween spirit. 

☠Mr. Halloween says☠

Buy This Hocus Pocus Witch Coffee Cup

Mrs Halloween says she parks in the #broom closet, do you know what that means? Is this good for Mr. Halloween? Is she a #witch, I thought as much...you better buy this cup so I can at least say I made money from that comment...do Mr. Halloween a favor comment witch so I know I'm not alone in the fact she might actually be a witch. Mrs. Halloween says if you do comment witch, you might want to buy the cup too. Make it worth it for Mr. Halloween

Find this and other #frightful wonders @mrhalloweenswonders

Mr. Halloween's Wonders is Always #Open for #Spooktacular #Fun.
Can Mr. Halloween share something with you about himself
I always loved #snickers #candy They were my favorite on #frightnight. Now I love #snickerdoodles. Back to it here... Rock this #halloween with your own #theme maybe #orange Mrs. Halloween loves the color orange.
Question from Mr. Halloween to #you

What would youse gets Mrs. Halloween for Halloween Night?

I'm thinking #ohlala but #she is sending #mixed signals...Like her #head spinning and #demonic voices spouting #crazy #psycho babble about emotions and chocolate. I can agree with half of those topics. White chocolate so more like a quarter. Ha! I made a funny WITHOUT being morbid. Mrs. Halloween would be proud

Actually shes #sweet and sexy  I am in no way #obligated to say that. I likes to poke #fun at her, she likes it. She knows it...I knows it...we have an understanding. You sell Halloween Decor she says and I'll sell everything else she says. I said #hell yeah.
Comment on that question earlier I want really awesome ideas, I need some brownie points, you know how it goes.... women 🧛‍♀️ you gotta love them

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