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Cast Iron Skillet - 6"

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Fire up the oven and heat up the stovetop for the perfect small filet or the best roasted vegetables you've ever had. Made from heavy duty cast iron so it can take the heat!

Bake up a brown betty or some monkey bread for two the old fashioned way, which everyone know is the best way

This 6" cast iron skillet has two spouts, so it's easy to pour off excess liquid and at a 1.9" depth they are a must have

It's not seasoned yet, so be sure to season your favorite way!

How to Season Your Cast Iron - Wipe down with vegetable oil or spray down with Pam before first use and you're ready to go! 

Have some rusty cast iron in the kitchen?

Soak in soda overnight, wash in warm water no soap and repeat if necessary...then season with oil



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